Monday, March 17, 2014

Mad App Android Apps 2014

Mad App Apps currently on Google Play.

TTS(text to speech) apps, Animal SoundsApps, Location Apps, Puzzles Apps, Painting Apps,Quiz apps, +

Talk Cat Translator

This app plays cat sounds at the push of a button. Watch as your cat reacts to the different cat sounds. Please use caution as your cat may attack.

Emergency Siren And Sound Effects

This apps plays siren sounds. It can play different Police Department sounds as well as some Ambulance Sounds and some Fire Department Sounds.

This is a great app to wake some one up with. It is also a hit with kids. Almost every kid loves to play with sirens. You can use it for entertainment or to keep your kids busy.


Find your way back between 2 points. Find where you placed your car. Tell your phone to remember its current location and then when you are at a different location it will find your way back using gps location sensor.

Police Sound And Sound Effects

The best police siren sound effects on the Android market!
- Sounds just like real sirens!
- Police siren!!
- Real siren sounds!!
- Fool or annoy your friends!
- Pranks


My Baby Sleep Sounds

This app can help your baby go to sleep. It can also help anyone go to sleep :).
80% of users reported getting better sleep

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